About the People



Trent… a certified personal trainer by day, and patriarch of Slippery Slopes Farm during all the minutes in between.  He is the builder, heavy equipment operator, the muscle, and the visionary.



Leah… (that’s me!) a soccer coach and art teacher by day, and farm hand, webmaster, and mother of two in the meantime. I am the voice of reason.




Ava… the flower child.  She’s 8, has a unique fashion sense, and likes to paint tree stumps.  She named our first tractor “Toby” and EVERY snail on our farm “Snella.”

Carson… Trent’s mini me.  He’s 4, loves anything with wheels, melts me with his eyes, and pushes me to my limits on a daily basis (much like his father).




And last but not least, Charlie – aka The Big Dumb Dog.  She is a 3-year-old coon hound still trying to learn how to listen!  She makes a great pig wrangler.

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