About the Name

Slippery Slopes Farm, the concept, was born in January of 2015.  We originally bought 12 acres in Sadieville the previous summer to use “recreationally,” but what started as a place to play with our growing family quickly snowballed into starting our own little farm – a business.  Hence, a slippery slope, figuratively.  In January, we decided we needed better access to the valley at the bottom of the hill so we rented a bobcat and decided we could “cut” a driveway ourselves.

We slid it down the hill and got stuck.


Next we tried a 10 ton bulldozer on tracks.  Surely, this will do the trick, we thought…

We slid it down the hill and got stuck.


But, it was a cold day and the ground was icy.  The next day we tried again and got the job done.  When we tested our 4×4 Dodge Ram on the new driveway…

We slid it down the hill and got it stuck.

Good thing the dozer was still around to pull us out!


As we continue to battle our hill, “Slippery Slopes” has also became a literal definition of our journey to farm-dom.

But we will persevere!



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