About the Farm

We have always had a love for, and fascination with, providing our own food.

1. It’s healthier for us, 2. It tastes better, and 3. It’s cheaper (and profitable)!

IMG_3862Our 2,000 sq ft garden meets organic standards.


When we started the farm, we tried a little bit of everything.  Through our trials and successes, we have found our niche in raising meat hogs, which has been our most lucrative business on the farm.  We still raise a variety of edibles in the garden, but we are mainly focusing on ways to supplement our pigs’ feed – pumpkin and squash.  Our favorite perennials in the garden are our blueberries, peaches and asparagus.  We also love sugar snap peas, bush beans, tomatoes and jalapeños.


In addition to the hogs and garden, we produce 100% pure maple syrup in the winter, and raise ducks and chickens for eggs.  We also purchased some dairy goats.  The pigs love hard boiled eggs and will benefit from the nutrients in the goats’ milk.  We are currently selling our pasture-raised pork to friends and family but we hope to open up at the Georgetown Farmer’s Market once we have enough product – check us out and support the initiatives of local growin’ from Slippery Slopes Farm!

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