Farm Art

Slippery Slopes at its finest…

Here is the first phase of our outdoor “sculpture”…. a playground built out of reclaimed materials and a Craig’s List slide!  We hope to add a tire bridge and a fireman’s pole in the near future… stay tuned!


In the meantime, we are slowly but surely adding bottles to our bottle tree.  Every farm needs a bottle tree!  There’s a lot of folk lore surrounding traditional bottle trees… we don’t buy in to all that – we just think they’re pretty!  I love the colored glass and the way the light comes through in the afternoon, coming from up the hill to our south west.


Here’s another little decorative element I added to the duck pen/garden fence… a wind chime made of spoons!  I found the spoons at our local habitat for humanity ReStore for 5 cents apiece.


Summer of 2017, the kids and I started a mural on the back of the barn, inside our goat pen.  Hopefully it’ll hold up to the elements!  Featured in the painting are Mia Ham and Cashew.



The first winter we owned our property, Trent decided he needed to build log bridge… “Holey Crossing“… made from trees we cut down south west of the garden in order to get more afternoon light.  Originally I thought it was a waist of time, and now it’s one of my favorite things on the farm.  Cross at your own risk; there are a few ankle-breakers down the middle!


After a couple years of weather, our pallet-turned-barn quilt started to rot, so I decided this was as good an opportunity as any to paint a REAL barn quilt.  We stuck to the patriotic theme, though.  This is exterior latex paint, acrylic and gloss polyurethane on a 1/4″ thick panel of wood, 40″x48″ in size.


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