Farm Art

Slippery Slopes at its finest…

Here is the first phase of our outdoor “sculpture”…. a playground built out of reclaimed materials and a Craig’s List slide!  We hope to add a tire bridge and a fireman’s pole in the near future… stay tuned!


In the meantime, we are slowly but surely adding bottles to our bottle tree.  Every farm needs a bottle tree!  There’s a lot of folk lore surrounding traditional bottle trees… we don’t buy in to all that – we just think they’re pretty!  I love the colored glass and the way the light comes through in the afternoon, coming from up the hill to our south west.


Here’s another little decorative element I added to the duck pen/garden fence… a wind chime made of spoons!  I found the spoons at our local habitat for humanity ReStore for 5 cents apiece.


Summer of 2017, the kids and I started a mural on the back of the barn, inside our goat pen.  Hopefully it’ll hold up to the elements!  Featured in the painting are Mia Ham and Cashew.


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